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Takebayashi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of TAKESEAL, Takebayashi Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

Takebayashi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1899. It has long histry.
We had taken initiative to apply polyurethane to construction materials. We also has supplied water-proof materials and paints for floor which has high strength and high weather-resistance.
Moreover our company has tackled development of eco-friendly products for more than twenty years. As a result, we put "TAKESEAL AQ series" on sale in 2005 ,which is composed of water-based acrylic acid resin.
In 2008, we applied our technology of construction materials to materials for modeling. At present, Our users adopted these products as, the set of comercial message or TV pgogram, the performing art, exhibiting object in an event and so on.

What's new

We renewed our web site.(Nov. 11th, 2011)